Nigeria elects: Where will the 2019 elections be won and lost?

Nigeria elects: Where will the 2019 elections be won and lost?
February 5, 2019 RateYourLeader Blogger
  • Nassawara, Tarara, Ondo and the Federal Capital Territory set to be the key electoral battlegrounds as the 2019 Nigerian General Election reaches its climax.
  • Just 5500 Abuja voters could decide capital contest

Voters in Africa’s largest economy go to the polls to elect a president, 29 state governors and all federal and state legislators this week – and the makers of a new Nigerian democracy app have revealed the states they believe will decide the contests.

Research carried out by Rate Your Leader, which allows voters and politicians to connect at the touch of a button, predict elections in the capital of Abuja could be decided by the choices of as few as 5398 voters.

On the basis of previous polling the following states are currently too close to call, with the smallest number of voters needed to change the votes they cast in 2015 to deliver a completely different result as follows.


  • Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) – 5398 voters
  • Nassawara – 18,311 voters
  • Taraba – 24,737 voters
  • Ekiti – 28,068 voters
  • Benue – 35,112 voters
  • Ondo – 24,260 voters

The research has been carried out new democracy app Rate Your Leader – whose mission statement is “take back democracy with technology” – which has recently been launched in Nigeria to connect politicians with verified local electors using abuse-proof technology.

Rate Your Leader founder and Nigerian tech entrepreneur Joel Poopola said:

“The nature of the electoral map in Nigeria is that in places like the Delta and Katsina people go to the polls knowing that realistically their vote will make very little difference – but in areas like Abuja, Nassawara and Ondo the entire election could be decide by just a few voters from a population of nearly 200,000,000.

“Polling in Nigeria remains in its infancy, with polls at this stage in 2015 predicting that the presidential contest was either too close to call or a foregone conclusion, when in fact President Buhari won comfortably, but not emphatically. 

“At Rate Your Leader our goal is to reconnect people and politics by using technology, but as a proud Nigerian I also want our electors to go to the polls with the levels of political knowledge and engagement that electors in similar large democracies take for granted”. 

Rate Your Leader is a global online platform which helps politicians engage only with voters in their constituencies in an abuse-proof way. The technology allows elected leaders to truly understand what matters most to the people who elect them while allowing local people to identify and contact their representatives at the touch of a button, direct from their phones or tablets.

The app, which also allows people to check to see if they are registered to vote and identify their elected representatives at the touch of a button, is free to download from the App store and other app marketplaces. 

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  1. Adedeji Oladele 5 years ago

    Rateyourleader is birthed at the right time to become the adequate dose of drug that our sick political system, players and the electorates needed to regain their sound health.

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