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  • Nigeria’s use of digital technology to improve its politics rated as “improving”

    A study into Nigeria’s progress towards becoming Africa’s first digital…

    by admin
  • Don’t spy on our phones, use them to engage us to avoid another #EndSARS

    Imagine the government demanded that we download an app to…

    by admin
  • Joe Biden trusts a Nigerian to run his economy – so why don’t Nigerians?

    United States President-elect Joe Biden’s appointment of Nigerian-born Adewale Adeyemo…

    by admin
  • Mo Ibrahim Index and the damning indictment on governance in Nigeria

    Sixty per cent of 10 Africans live in a country…

    by admin
  • A defeated president uses social media lies to cling to power – could it happen here?

    Defeated and discredited, humiliated and humbled, Donald Trump continues to…

    by admin
  • INEC is wrong: We need MORE digital democracy to build trust in our political process

      The Independent National Electoral Commission has apparently turned its…

    by admin
  • £37bn Brexit bonanza for British Businesses looking to Commonwealth

    British business could be in line for a £37bn bonanza…

    by admin
  • Would you buy a house if it was on fire?

    The United States and United Kingdom travel bans show international…

    by admin
  • Real leaders don’t hire self-praise mercenaries

    Real leaders know that self-praise is no praise – but…

    by admin
  • University Sexual Harassment Bill not enough, we need an entire culture change

    Nigeria’s senate this past week passed landmark legislation designed to…

    by admin
  • El-Rufai is right: Nigerians do think all governors are thieves

    Governors are the most suspected elected officials. Everyone thinks governors…

    by admin
  • Joel Popoola: Tech Expert on a Mission

    Joel Popoola is a man on a mission. He has…

    by admin
  • Will Edo governorship election be another ‘normal day’ in Nigeria’s democracy?

    Days before the people of Edo go to the polls…

    by admin
  • On democracy, digital communication and Mali experience

    If our democracy is to thrive and survive people must…

    by admin
  • Dirty money: Could COVID-19 mean the end of cash?

    Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy – but we are pretty…

    by admin
  • Uganda Zoom scandal: No hiding place for corrupt officials in digital age

    As a digital democracy campaigner, I believe African governments must…

    by admin
  • Politicians and hired social media praise singers

    Real leaders know that self praise is no praise –…

    by admin
  • Nigeria’s biggest social media is fighting fake news, but not in Nigeria

    WhatsApp is Nigeria’s biggest social network and can be found…

    by admin

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